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Framework Cooperation Agreement with Foshan High-Tech District

Foshan High-Tech Zone has taken a new step in intelligent manufacturing industry development. Led by Professor Chen I-Ming of Nanyang Technological University's School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Transforma Robotics has signed a framework cooperation agreement with Foshan High-Tech District where "robot + construction" has began to be integrated across borders. Transforma Robotics aims to further their goal of building a house using robots through safe, efficient and economical construction through this venture. More details and press coverage below:

Opening up new areas of the robot industry (开辟机器人产业新领域):

Forging cross-border relations with high-end equipment manufacturing in Fogao District (锻造佛高区高端装备制造跨界传奇):

Singapore's construction robot project to settle in Foshan high-tech zone (新加坡建筑机器人项目落户佛山高新区):

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