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Transforma Robotics @ BuildTech Asia 2018

Transforma Robotics successfully presented Pictobot A300 and Quicabot B20 at BuildTech Asia 2018, an international building technology expo held in Singapore Expo last October 22-24. Pictobot A300 is our indoor spray painting robot designed for the painting of commercial and residential spaces; it is capable of painting up to 3 meter high walls. Quicabot B80 is the newest iteration of our quality inspection robot. This version is more portable at 20kg and is also capable of inspecting commercial and residential spaces. Our cloud-based robot management system called T-Cloud was also unveiled during the exhibition.

Transforma CEO and Co-founder Prof. I-Ming Chen gave a talk at the TechConnect Space about Enhancing Construction Productivity through Digital Transformation. The talk highlighted how Transforma’s robots answer the need for more automation in the construction industry.

We would like to take this chance to thank those who have visited our booth and those who have helped us make this happen.

For more details of our robots, please go to

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