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Transforma Robotics chooses Foshan, Guangdong, as its China headquarters

by Faith Liang and Chen I-Ming

On 18th July 2018, at the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), Dr. I-Ming Chen, CEO of Transforma Robotics Pte Ltd and Professor of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Foshan Nanhai Guangdong University of Technology CNC Equipment Cooperative Innovation Institute and Hanhai Holdings Group to bring robotic technology and systems for construction industry to the China market. Transforma Robotics will work closely with Foshan Nanhai Guangdong University of Technology CNC Equipment Cooperative Innovation Institute to further develop construction robots suitable for China market and to provide training for the future workforce in the new robotics era.

As a start-up robotics company in the construction domain, Transforma Robotics has been looking for a location for its R&D and manufacturing facility in China for more than a year for expanding its business beyond Singapore. With the assistance of the Foshan Nanhai Guangdong University of Technology and Hanhai (Foshan) International Innovation Center, the location was finalised after more than 6 months of analysis and discussion. Professor Chen indicated three key reasons for choosing the Foshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Firstly, Foshan has a strong manufacturing infrastructure. Secondly, Foshan Nanhai Guangdong University of Technology has an excellent technical service team. Thirdly, Hanhai has a high-quality international resource integration platform.

Transforma Robotics, founded in March 2017, is a spin-off company from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Transforma Robotics has developed the world first intelligent spray-painting robot (Pictobot) and autonomous quality inspection robot (Quicabot) to address the construction industry’s challenges in labour shortage, quality control and workplace safety. Together with a cloudbased platform, T-Cloud, Transforma Robotics would be able to manage construction robot fleet and project progress digitally and efficiently. Transforma Robotics aims to be the world’s leader in robotics for construction industry by automating the complete construction life cycle of building, operations, and maintenance as part of digital construction for the future.

Transforma Robotics is currently providing product testing and application for key clients, including Jurong Town Corporation, Building Construction Authority, and Housing Development Board in Singapore, and Tambour Paint in Israel. It has also strategic partnerships with HIT Robotics Group and iLabService Co. Ltd. in China.

Via <佛高区建筑机器人“上岗”!国际顶尖专家陈义明教授携建筑机器人落户广工大研究院>:

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