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Transforma Robotics – RoboticPlus.AI joint press release

On April 12th, 2019, the CEO of RoboticPlus.AI, Meng Hao and its core team members hosted the visit of the CEO, Prof I-Ming Chen and the core team of Transforma Robotics (Singapore) in Shanghai, China. Transforma Robotics team received a warm welcome by RoboticPlus.AI.

RoboticPlus.AI would officially invite Professor I-Ming Chen to be its Principal Consultant in Robot Technology. Likewise, Transforma Robotics would officially invite Meng Hao to be the Principal Consultant in Architecture. Transforma Robotics and RoboticPlus.AI would embark on comprehensive cooperation in supply chain, marketing and sales channels, product promotion, technology research and development of their respective products, on the basis of equality, mutual assistance and mutual benefit.

Transforma Robotics and RoboticPlus.AI would fully respect each other’s intellectual property rights and facilitate interdisciplinary technological advancement in architecture, construction and robotics through mutual IP licensing and deployment.

Transforma Robotics and RoboticPlus.AI would jointly initiate the establishment of CiBER (Consortium in Built Environment Robotics). CiBER aims to attract relevant construction material suppliers, robot manufacturers, hardware developers, etc. from all over the world to form an integrated organization to lead the transformation of the construction industry in the era of artificial intelligence and robotics. By leveraging the consortium’s core technology, market and capital advantage, CiBER would accelerate the introduction of Built Environment Robotics products and service with universally applicable software and hardware, leading the construction industry for higher productivity, better quality and safer construction environment.

The implementation details and guidelines of establishing CiBER shall be made in reference to the official consortium agreement.

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